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Amsterdam – A city rich with heritage and ribboned with canals that draw millions to its heart each year. Get a close look at the wonders of this Dutch city and find …

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  1. FAISAL ARFAT says:

    वन अव माई बेस्ट प्लेस इन आ नेधर्लंड
    आई वॉंट तो विज़िट धिस प्लीज़ इन वन्स

  2. FAISAL ARFAT says:

    वन अव माई बेस्ट प्लेस इन आ नेधर्लंड
    आई वॉंट तो विज़िट धिस प्लीज़ इन वन्स

  3. Grace Francisco says:

    Dear Netherlands,
    I was in young age when i dream to see you in real, to see your beautiful places, and one of my dream is to see the windmills in real and touch them even i can't reach the upper part of it. I dream to witness your beautiful view and see how you create winds. I really want to touch and reach you Netherlands even just for a days. Its so glad that i try to apply for a visa to have the opportunity to see you and meet my loved one there. Its make me feel amazing that i know in my heart i willl have the approval of the Honorable who do the approval of all people who wants to visit Netherlands. I was so exciting, that im so excited to call my name to have my passport.. But just a minutes the happiness , joyful that i feel turn into sadness, its breaks my heart when i open my passport and there's no visa because its denied. I was cry while walking to the hallway , but then i tried to make my self calm because i know this is not the end of the world. Its jusy so sad that I cannot have the chance to see you Amazing Netherlands…❤️❤️❤️…And to my love.. just keep the faith .. be kind and have courage.

  4. vinh quach says:

    Have given my love to Amsterdam for years since the day i saw it through a movie called The fault in our stars. Everything about this place is just undescribable. I just wish i could make it there some day
    Love from Vietnam

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