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Gibraltar – Find this destination on Spain’s southern coast, a region well known for its towering rock and fascinating military history. Check out the best of …

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  1. Adam Khan says:


    The meaning of the name Gibraltar comes from Gibral Tariq The rock of Tariq who conquered Spain at the behest of the christian and Jewish population that were being persecuted by the hierarchy christian lords … he came he saw and he conquered and when he settled peace over the land the population begged him to stay and rule…

    Interesting isn't it….

  2. Luv Mite says:

    Does any body know that where the name "GIBRALTAR" has come from? it has come from an Arabic word " Jabal At Tariq" which means the mountain of Tariq. Tariq was a Muslim army commander who conquered this mountain in 7th century.

  3. Lidia Están says:

    For Spanish students of English:

    withstood = resistió
    sieges = asedios
    staunchly stands = resiste incondicionalmente
    looms high = se cierne en lo alto
    limestone ridge = risco de piedra caliza
    light fingered = de "dedo fácil" (mangante)
    treats = golosinas
    thwarted = frustrado, desbaratado (plan)
    gunpowder = pólvora
    hold off = mantener a raya
    ever since = desde entonces
    backdrop = escenario de fondo

  4. u2good2b4gotn says:

    I am single black guy. I am thinking about visiting Gibraltar on the way to/from Spain. I want to go but I don't want to have any "trouble" from the locals. Do you think I would enjoy it there?

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