Beginner's guide to Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

Hawaii’s second largest island boasts pristine beaches, small towns and volcanic mountains – but there’s far more to it than mere scenery.

34 thoughts on “Beginner's guide to Maui, Hawaii – Lonely Planet travel video

  1. Jusuf Mgn says:

    Hotel/Penginapan Kofiyau in Sorong west papua of Indonesia , please kontact Jusuf : 0813 1129 3209 for reservation.
    Raja ampat are the interesting islands to visit, swim, diving etc

  2. MauiJOY says:

    The National Park is asking that you either car pool or do not go up to Haleakala for sunrise as it is over crowded, no place to park…go there at other times of the day as it will be warmer and much less crowded. Mahalo

  3. TheRealCritique says:

    Here'a s guide to Maui. Don't go to the Pauwela Lighthouse because a blonde teen girl Astara Evenstar,. was gangraped and murdered by relatives of the police there. Then Yeshua Boerstler, (who had family in hawaii, but was white) was murdered by the same crowd in the same area. Then another male hiker died in the area, but there was no foul play until he was found to be shot later. THen in 2009, Laura Vogel, an experienced hiker across the world, tried to camp in the area, and has never been seen since. The police refused to investigate her disappearance for days. The police have NOT resolved any of these heinous cases, nor are they even trying, because people associated with the police are supposed to be involved. So these are all things you might want to think about before you go to Maui.

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