Tokyo Travel Guide

Our Tokyo travel guide! We finally made it to Tokyo and it was worth the wait… Want to arrive in Tokyo ready to chat? Then check out our friends at italki and buy …

46 thoughts on “Tokyo Travel Guide

  1. Attaché says:

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  2. All Abroad says:

    Your opening statement is SPOT ON!!! it's mind blowing and YES I compare everything to it now and sadly nothing stacks up to it…. So addicted returned 4 times this year for 4 months and already planning 2020 and YEP the Yamanote line is a godsend lol

  3. G L says:

    Mate , what can I say , your narration and how u do it videos is one of the best I've ever seen , no ego funny n great info , I travel a lot and like to watch these videos, really glad I subscribe, funny ,cheers mate , thankyou

  4. Bren Bertozzi says:

    I went to Tokyo in 2011 and had the exact same reaction. I would wake up at 5am and go walking around the city. I found a tunnel in my hotel that led to another empty hotel with a grand piano and would play it in the empty ballroom and reflect on my experience.

  5. O de Kirei says:

    Love your videos 🙂 Viewer friendly and humor brings a smile to it! Quick tipster on ATMs in Japan, you can also try the Aeon Bank ATMs (inside Aeon supermarket or Ito Yokado) to withdrawal cash. Of course, convenience stores like 7 & I (formerly 7 Eleven) will always be a travelers friend!

  6. 5Oblivion says:

    I had the immense pleasure of visiting Tokyo over Christmas and New Years in 2018, and you’re absolutely right Alex – every city I visit from now on I’ll compare to Tokyo, because it is quite simply, the greatest of all. The sights and sounds are distinctly Japanese, the atmosphere exudes harmony and order, the different districts have their own unique characters, the transport infrastructure is effortlessly easy to use and above all, it was just plain old fun to explore. I’ve made it my mission in life to come back here at least one more time before I die 😁

  7. Dustin Griffith says:

    The building on the left of the screen LABI, when you stop the video at 5:45 you will see a three story window with escalators inside, that building has been around for maybe 30 years or so, but anyway do you know what's inside that building with escalator windows?

  8. Vins and Yosh says:

    We always stay near Ueno station. The airport train is near and there are shinkansen that goes to Hitachi Seaside Park. Also, it's near the restaurants (Ichiran ramen!), Akihabara, and other tourist attractions. We use SUICA card in Tokyo.

    Another beautiful and insightful video!

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