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Dunedin – Between the wild coastline of the Otago Peninsula and a dormant volcano, discover this historic New Zealand city. Explore the best places to visit in …

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  1. carol King says:

    I was lucky enough to live there growing up and during those 14 years I went to Otago Girls High School and was married in First Church.
    That was in the 1950s and early 60s. It was beautiful then but now it is truly extraordinary and I wish I was young enough to be able
    to return and enjoy it all again as this film shows the amazing changes of even more wonderful openings have been created for us to see.

  2. Ben says:

    ~~Big Long List~~
    I am a local. The first half only includes in the city itself.
    Further down the list I have outside of Dunedin.
    There is so much to do. My big list here does not mention Cafés, Resturants, hunting, fishing or even half of the Walking tracks (because there is literally a whole book).
    I also refuse to give away surf locations (because I am not a surfer) and generic things like the indoor Rock climbing or Curling (Winter)
    Here we go:
    *Olverston house
    *Baldwin street (Real steepest street when measured from the Center of the road unlike the edge on that Wales street)
    *Toitu Otago Settlers Museum
    *Dunedin Railway Station (with NZ sports Museum)
    *Speights Brewary
    *Orokanui Ecosanctuary
    *Albatross Colony with disappearing WW2 gun (obviously not firing)
    *Natures Wonders 8 wheeled off road wildlife tour
    *Penguin Place (tour)
    *Tunnel Beach (tunnel dug down to beach)
    *Port Chalmers
    *Mt Cargill lookout (and organ pipe shaped rocks that can be walked over) *Pineapple track lookout
    *Dunedin Chinese Gardens
    *Taieri Gorge railway to Pukurangi, seasider train to Palmerston.
    *Ross Creek Reservoir (Northwest across a road at the northern tip to the beginning of the Pineapple walk track,
    Actually going down and east and down [ just keep following any track as long as it goes down ] you are at the start of the 'Love the Leith' stream walk which ends at the harbour walking past the Dunedin Roofed Rugby stadium),
    *Love the Leith Stream walk (as I mentioned above, goes through 4 features that can be explored further on their own)
    -Woodhaugh Gardens
    -Dunedin Botanical Gardens
    -Otago University
    -Dunedins permanant roof with real grass stadium.
    Or you can follow the stream as you wish on either side

    Extras: St Clair beach, Brighton, Larnach Castle (yes a castle), Taieri Mouth, Aramoana, Purakaunui, osbourne beach,
    Also there is the Sandfly bay and Sandymount walking tracks on peninsula
    Sawyers Bay reservoir,
    Edgar centre (southern hemispheres largest single building indoor sports arena), flights over Dunedin, glowworms at Nicols Creek, various mountain bike tracks.

    Edit: more extras – Otago Museum (different to the settlers museum with a butterfly rainforest)
    Dunedin painted art on buildings tour, 'city of firsts bus tour'.
    Signal hill lookout.
    Gun emplacements at Tomahawk and near albatross Colony

    Outside of Dunedin city:
    *Catlins: two hours south of Dunedin, walking, waterfalls, Nugget point lighthouse (front video picture)
    *Palmerston (best accessed by seasider train). From there you can do a tour of the Macraes Goldmine which is a half hour inland
    *Karitane (nice coastal road drive near the railwayline for the seasider train, Good views of coastline and inlet)
    *Middlemarch (Taieri Gorge train goes past Pukerangi to the small town once or twice a week)
    *Outram (walks and river)
    *Sinclair Wetlands and Waipori falls
    *Lawrence and Gabriels Gully

  3. NEIL Jones says:

    Hi, could someone from Expedia please tell me what the music is playing behind this video thank you, my wife and i have been to Dunedin many times with Princess Cruises and it is such a beautiful place, love the Railway Station, we always visit there every time we cruise to Dunedin.

  4. the phoenix 315 says:

    It is the furthest away city from London, the former imperial capital at 11,852 mi (19,074 km), Paris 11,839 mi (19,053 km), Berlin 11,305 mi (18,194 km), and Edinburgh 11,682 mi (18,800 km). It’s antipodes lie in the Bay of Biscay 177 miles north of A Coruña in Spain.

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