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Check out our awesome footage of the sunny city of Los Angeles. You’ll want to pack your bags, grab your camera and join in on the fun here. When ready …

28 thoughts on “Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Ej Burns says:

    THE CALIFORNIA ROLL WAS INVENTED IN VANCOUVER CANADA! It was called the California roll because LA tourists in Vancouver loved the roll so much, that it was named the California roll.

  2. Ranger13 says:

    Do not recommend any ventures into downtown LA. Feces from the locals and transits cover many areas of public access. Tent cities created by transits abound and are supported by the city. The smell, disease and filth associated with the temporary communities of tents is significant.
    We recommend either going to Rio de Janeiro, if you like third world cities, for a similar experience you would have in LA. Or, a trip to New York City, if you desire the really deplorable.

  3. SW2799 says:

    As someone who lives in the Los Angeles area, I must say that is one of the better tourist videos I've seen. You did a great highlight of the Getty Museum, yet you showed Malibu and not the Getty Villa, which was actually the original Getty museum, but now houses mainly Roman artifacts, I believe. You could have come into the San Fernando Valley and shown things like the San Fernando Mission and then gone out to Simi Valley and shown the Reagan presidential library. Those are definitely worthwhile if you have the time. Good video though!

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