Mexico City Travel Guide

Our Mexico City Travel Guide! This wonderful city is truly the star of one our best episodes ever. I have never fallen in love with a city quite as quickly as I fell in …

34 thoughts on “Mexico City Travel Guide

  1. Becca.SoCal says:

    I love 💕 your video. I’m also a Californian and happen to be of Mexican descent. Unfortunately, because our family has been in the US close to 100 years, I knew nothing about Mexico or Mexico City other than what trickles through to the US (I should note, however, I‘ve always been connected to my Mexican heritage bc you say, in California there’s such a strong link to Mexico. 🇲🇽 I’m part of the nearly 16 million Hispanic Americans (39% of California’s population) that call CA home.
    I traveled to CDMX for the first time just a few years ago. Like you, I’ve traveled the world and have lived in some of the world’s leading cities London, NYC, San Fran, Hamburg, Barcelona and finally got the opportunity to also live in CDMX for 6 months last year. As you said, I’ve never fallen in love so quickly!! For the same reasons you note: it’s exciting, loud—so many scents & sounds, creative, super friendly, delicious beyond description, sophisticated, worldly, embracing, colorful, gorgeous architecture, so much to see/do, so much history, and the people are very warm & loving (did you notice how many people have dogs in Mexico City and how much those dogs are loved?! They are literally the happiest dogs I’ve seen in the world). I am literally devising a plan to live there permanently. Until then, since I live in LA and it’s only a 3h45m flight, I go there often to hang with several other Californians who’ve chosen to make it home. I’ll be there next week and can’t wait!!! 😁 Thank you for the thoughtful and very informative video. Great shots!🙏🏼

  2. Navi Gill says:

    I just got back two days ago! Highly recommend, especially to north americans who can better understand their neighbors to the south. The culture and cuisine are second to none.

  3. LionHeart Tv says:

    I always dreamed of going to Mexico City. i was going to go but i lost my wallet with money & id now i need to work overtime to get the money that i lost i had over $3,500✈️🇲🇽😔

  4. Allen Sanchez says:

    Pigs are garbage compactors in Mexico, they eat slob and live in their own feces when not eating them, they are fed garbage and are already a filthy animal to begin with … worst think you can possibly eat

  5. Eldi M says:

    in México, uber is having lots of problems, driver accounts are being sold and criminals take advantage of that. use the licensed taxis from the airport or those that can be found in taxi cabs stands with a phone line.

  6. Sushimakesmemeow says:

    Love Mexico City. Good advice here—especially about the tourist card you get and need to keep until you leave. Really poor choice of music at 4:04. “You won’t arrive alive to your house” are the clearly audible lyrics just after they are discussing taxis and transportation. : /

  7. José Albino Santos Nogueira says:

    Why the f…would you eat Mexican food in Paris or Hong Kong, when France and China have some of the best cuisines in the world? In London I would understand since the British are not especially famous for their culinary skills. In my country, we are swarmed daily by Spaniards who come here to eat our dishes and when we go there, eating food other than Spanish doesn't even cross our mind: it would be uttelry stupid!

  8. TL Travel says:

    I will be visiting Mexico City this month and can't wait to share my time in the city. I have heard so many amazing things about the city and the people in it .. so excited to adventure (and eat) there! hehe

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