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Townsville – Sitting on the sun-drenched coastline of Queensland, we’ve got the hottest attractions for the Townsville region. When ready, browse vacation …

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  1. Dave M says:

    I plan on moving to either Brisbane or townsville in a few years. I currently live in Toronto and once I finish my schooling for motorcycle/jet ski technician, that's when I plan on moving to Australia. I'm looking for hot weather and fine women, beautiful landscape, mountains, lakes, some culture. Would I be right if I say, cost of living would be more affordable in Townsville than Brisbane? If Australian people read this, would you recommend Brisbane or Townsville ?

  2. Dave M says:

    I plan on moving to Townsville or Brisbane in a few years when I plan on finishing school here in Toronto. Are there a lot of motorcycle riders and jet Skis in Townsville? Is motorcycling a big thing in Townsville? Also, hows the weather there in terms of rain. I like thunder and lightning storms, do you guys get that a lot, or is it mostly sunny days? And Iv'e heard on the news, Townsville is known for street floods, is that common ??

  3. Emma Herron says:

    I lived in Townsville for two months and it is a very lovely place. The Ville hotel is lovely but the best part is magnetic island. Such a beautiful place 😍. If you go there you have to take the trek to Radical bay. I actually saw a Koala on the way. The strand is really nice and the view you get from castle hill is just stunning.

  4. Uncle says:

    You know what the good thing is you don’t ever have to worry about terrorisation or anything like that Because well there’s like a 5km army base and the thing is I live 4 hours the road

  5. neenykins18 says:

    Hi, great youtube clip! I grew up in Townsville and will be heading up there in April next year for a school friend's wedding. It looks a lot different from the last time I visited in 2012. If you do another promotional video please include Alligator Creek, Crystal Creek and Paluma Rainforest. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories!

  6. Me & My Travel Bugs says:

    Can definitely recommend Hinchinbrook Island – we recently hiked the Thorsborne Trail and was so easy to create an epic video with amazing landscapes at every turn… well worth the effort for the adventurous travellers!

  7. Bobby Boo says:

    Townsville? How about Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa all in Israel and are major tourist destinations
    and are sooo diverse and interesting with loads of history behind them

  8. robert bytyqi says:

    I traveled from Ireland to Australia and visited Townsville it's well worth a visit a must see is mission beach.Its not too long of a drive and it's the most secluded,tropical beach I have ever seen,I will definitely go back to mission beach one day it's look like it's from the movie castaway

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